Creme Egg’s Are Back!


That’s right the seasonal chocolate that everyone is waiting for more than the return of Game of Thrones, is back on the menu.

With the creamy fondant centre and the tasty outer chocolate shell, who doesn’t want an unfertilised chicken egg made of cocoa?

Some people prefer them scrambled with a knob of butter. Others prefer them hard boiled. Cooked until the iron is visible on the surface and they can be simply peeled from the shell. This way they can be eaten whole like a gobstopper or sliced and put in salads. Poaching is also another popular variation. Simply boiled in water until reaching the desired consistency, a healthier alternative than frying in oil.

Unfortunately we only have the ability to offer them raw here at Super Shakes.

Now with all that egg talk, who is ready for a nice runny, eggy, yolky milkshake! Available while stocks last.



Creme Eggs

Creme Eggs



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