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If you’ve ever bought booster packs for card games such as Magic or Pokemon, you may recall the excitement of flicking through your pack to find what lady luck has given you. Seeing your new cards, hoping for something special underneath. Waiting to get to the back of the deck and yet wishing the unknown and suspense would never end. We loved that too, although…

We don’t sell cards at Super Shakes but we do sell Comics.

Now you can re-live the enthralling enigmatic experience with our Mystery Bags!

Choose from Marvel, DC or a random assortment of other publishers including: Image, Dark Horse, IDW, Boom, Valiant and more. Inside you will find 6 different comics from your selected publisher.

For example…

Marvel bags can contain: Iron Man, Spider-Man, Deadpool, Avengers, Wolverine, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, Daredevil, Star Wars and others

DC bags can contain: Batman, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Superman, Suicide Squad, Flash, Green Arrow, Justice League, Nightwing and others

Other bags can contain: The Walking Dead, Saga, Assassins Creed, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Hellboy, Aliens, Adventure Time, Transformers, Outcast, Spawn, Descender, Chew and others

No matter which you choose, there will be 6 stories to delve into. These bags are ideal for new readers not sure where to start, allowing you to dive into 6 randomly selected worlds and characters at less than £1 per comic. Also for those who wish to try something new but aren’t sure where to direct your eyes, the mystery bags could be for you.

The ‘Other’ bags contain a much broader and diverse selection. With more chance for you to discover a lesser known gem that hasn’t been discovered yet. These bags also include more media tie-ins which means more comics based on TV series, popular movies or games will appear in here. While the Marvel or DC bags will let you see familiar faces in familiar places but still hold something unexpected.

Why not pick up a Super Shakes Mystery Bag next time you are in store.

Let us know what your favourite comic inside was on Facebook or at our Twitter page.

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